December 5, 2022

Debate Roundup: Meanwhile, on the Internet…

In case you missed it, the first presidential debate of the season was last night. I don’t have a TV or a computer at home, so I had to wait until this morning to check out the coverage. Well, I could have followed along via Facebook’s News Feed, but I didn’t have any hydrochloric acid on hand to pour into my eyeball parts. Anyway, here are my thoughts.

  • Jim Lehrer really should have opened the debate by yelling, “MAKE SOME NOISE FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA AND GOVERNOR ROMNEY!!!!!”
  • Neither candidate was prepared: Neither one Vaseline’d his face or hid razors in his hair.
  • I want to give Jim Lehrer a mug of tea and tuck him in.
  • Additionally, Lehrer looks like he can only eat soft foods.
  • The morning after: every time I see “fact-checker”, I read it as “fart-checker” 🙁   #registeredvoter



Some Twitter fuckery:

The thoughts of Chase Mitchell, my Twitter comedian crush





And sweet Sammy Rhodes





My favorite GIFs:






And the best memes so far:

Silent Jim Lehrer


Scorned Big Bird




Did you watch the debate last night? Do you think Michelle was pissed that Mitt crashed her anniversary? And, perhaps most importantly, has Lehrer stopped shaking?

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