December 5, 2022

Proletariat Travel – Belfast, Northern Ireland – Supermarket Edition

So after going to New York to see Kenji’s amazing art show, Leslie and I headed over the pond to London and now we are visiting my other family in Belfast. When I was 16 I was in an exchange program called the Ulster Project. This project was designed to integrate Cathlolics and Protestants in Northern Ireland and hopefully teach the youth of this beautiful country to live amoung each other in peace. Not sure if the project is responsible for the widespread peace, but peace there is and some of my best friends in the world as well as my beautiful godchildren live here.

One of the coolest things about travel is the everyday differences from your own life such as watching tv, driving on the wrong side of the road and of course – shopping! Today we went to TESCO’s, the British equivalent of Shaw’s or Kroger’s or Winn-Dixie! Here are a few things I thought were awesome.

You gotta get some American-style pancakes!

This was heaven. A sausage, wrapped in Thanksgiving stuffing, and tidied up with a strip of bacon!

So, when I was 16, my Northern Irish buddies taught me that the slang word for tits was baps, and as a 16 year old boy you know you use the word tits (baps) like every 5 seconds. So, imagine my surprise when I see this bag of giant “white” baps! I went to the international aisle looking for some tan Mexican baps but found nothing…

Here’s some enterprising Brits taking advantage of YouTube’s fame!

All I want for my birthday is a STIG cake!

Here’s a scary cereal character…

The British aren’t exactly known for their cusine, however, one thing they do really well is crisps! aka potato chips…here are a few we picked up for our BBQ.

Once you finish some of these funky chips you gotta wash it down with the some generic beers! Take that PBR!

Hope you enjoyed our trip to the market! Stay tuned for some of Belfast’s finest graffiti!

2 thoughts on “Proletariat Travel – Belfast, Northern Ireland – Supermarket Edition

  1. Oh please tell me you tried the prawn cocktail chips and promptly threw up after….bc that’s what I would do.

    Hope you have fun for the remainder of your trip!

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