November 26, 2022

Interview with Photographer Eric Tearle

Lifestyle photography has become a very popular subject to exhibit through the internet. People are able to share their daily experiences with the world through images but with their own unique perspective. It fascinates me, the different lives people live all over the globe. Eric Tearle is a photographer I have been following closely for almost a year now and admire greatly his dedication and craft. When I look through Eric’s photographs, they represent a genuine view of London life. Countless adventures on the subways, exploring the infrastructure of tube stations, graffiti, and everything in between. His use of expired film along with well-captured details, textures and strong perspectives all add to the feelings that Eric’s photographs deliver to its viewers. Eric’s photography inspires my own  and  I am pleased to share his words and photographs with you all.

Where you from and what do you do?

I’m from England and I take photos.

What made you agree to this interview?

I like your work and I like this team’s blog.



 How did you start and what compels you to continue? 

I started because I wanted to do more than just look and admire photos. I wanted to be to one that created the type of images that I loved to look at. I continue to shoot because it’s a hobby and something I enjoy doing. Everyone has a passion/hobby and I guess this is mine.

How would you describe your style?


What things/subjects do you enjoy documenting?

Mostly Street/Urban based subjects. It’s quite relaxing watching people go about their business, unaware of their surroundings. Capturing people at their most natural moment is nice.

Why Film?

It’s easy to get carried away on a DSLR with taking shots. I feel film has more reserved approach…like you want to click that shutter down continuously, but you can’t because you only have X amount of shots. I like to know I only have X amount of times to get it right.

Any interest in using digital?

Yeah I do, but mainly for ‘Getty’ images though. I’ve been invited by Getty to contribute to Getty for licensing images so Newspapers can buy images to publish for news related articles etc. Film for portfolio and digital for stock imagery.

What makes a creative stand out to you?

Someone that just gets on with it. No bullshit, no politics, no trendy shit, no hype, no beef, your average Joe, the underdog that does it because they simply like what they do and doesn’t give a shit about being accepted or care about being part of the biggest crews or the biggest clique or trend.


Who influenced your photography when you started out?

Mainly Joseph Rodriguez. His honest and deep photos are real. They’re real life subjects with real issues. That kind of documentation is the most influential to me.

Who/What influence’s you today?

My family, friends and everyday life. Not wanting to be another average person in society pushes me to be different.

Any photographers you are digging right now?

Rob Davies a.k.a Froot;

A good friend and an even better photographer.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Taking good, interesting and unique photos! Photos that make people talk! Photos that make people wonder and photo’s that cause controversy.

What’s been the biggest influence on your work over the last year?

My state of mind most of the time has influenced me. It’s either stopped me shooting or kept me shooting. Overcoming my own mind state is a challenge in its self.

Do you find your style influenced depending on who you are with?

My motivation definitely is influenced by the people around me. But my style definitely not, unless I’m working to a specific brief.

What’s the weirdest thing to have happened when out?

Not weird, but most common things are: getting chased by dogs, police or general people. Threatened to be sued for taking a photo in public (Hilarious), threatened to be arrested for taking a photo in public (Hilarious again), threatened to be killed, stabbed, beaten up (even more Hilarious). London is a fun place to be and people are paranoid.

Where do you see your photography taking you? Both physically and mentally?

I’m not sure yet. I wouldn’t mind getting involved in galleries and having the opportunity to maybe sell! As far as mentally goes, I’ve definitely changed the way I look at things not just in photography. I can’t help and look at a situation and think “that would be a great shot” or most of the time “fuck I wish I had my camera with me right now”

Favourite Cities/places?

London. I haven’t really been anywhere else, ha! Went to the Pyramids in 2010 and would like to go back to Cairo to do some better photography.

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve photographed and why?

Cairo. It’s just ghetto and poor. It’s so surreal! Driving through the city was madness. It was hot, and dusty and pure chaos. Apartment blocks with unfinished, yet people used that confined space as a home. I would love to go back.

Favourite food?

Chicken Katsu Curry from Wasabi.

Any upcoming collaborations/releases people should be watching for?

Love Change Project by Rarekind London, featuring; Pref, Jimi Crayon, Daddison, Jamie Brown, Roids, Ivan and myself.

Can you talk a little about the project (Love Change) or at least how you got involved?

David Samuel the M.D/Founder/Creative Director of Rarekind London approached me to do some photography work for his latest project called “Love Change” a project based on changing the way you view, look, absorb art as a whole, which is being made in a short documentary. He asked me to come along for the weekend to photograph Roids MSK, Jimi Crayon, Jamie Brown, Pref and Daddison do their work and document it in a way that can be put into the film. I had free roam to do what I need to do, to get up close and personal with everyone and take behind the scene shots in the interview stages with the artists. Working with David was really good, he was switched on and easy to work with, he knew exactly what he wanted. It was also a pleasure to work alongside Ivan (the film maker) Will Robson-Scott and probably 5 of the best artists in the UK right now. Stay tuned for the documentary/short film coming soon.

What plans do you have for the future?

To keep taking photos, travel and enjoy life.

Thanks and big shouts to Dasr (Creative Director and Founder of RK)










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