June 9, 2023

What does your name mean? Last names, First names…

Last night I was having dinner with some new friends and I was talking to this 84-year-old man who was recounting some family history for me. He told me this story about how his family immigrated to America in the 1600s and two of the men were captured by the Indians. Well, the rest of his family bartered with the Indians and offered to build them sawmills. The trade went off as promised and the Sawyer family got on with their life. The weirdest thing about this was I had just spent the past 2 hours in the current generation’s wood shop whatching him build furniture. When I got home I was like I wonder what the name Sawyer means…and as it turns out it means woodcutter. Does anyone else find that facinating? So then I looked up Simon. And it means to be heard. Well, I have now dedicated my life to being a Speech Communication major, a Radio Dj, and a blogger as well as a clothing designer. My sister who is a Simon is a copywriter and an actress and my Dad was a teacher and my Mom talks more than anyone I know! haha It just makes you wonder if there’s more to this lineage thing than you ever thought. ..I wish I had one good website to send you to to look up your name but I don’t. I found the best way to do it is to look up what does _____ mean and within the first few sites you will see your answer.

3 thoughts on “What does your name mean? Last names, First names…

  1. My last name Henderson means “Son of Henry” and also means “Home Ruler”, of which I am neither. I’m a failure. I was excited to see what my family meant, and then immediately let down by the results.

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