March 23, 2023

welcome to Münster, again


Hey proletariat people, welcome (back, if you’ve read it before) to my part of this blog.
I will mostly be blogging pictures of street/sticker art (as I have before), but I will also introduce you to life in the city of Münster and a few other places in Germany, where we all love david hasselhoff (as kerry correctly pointed out), wear lederhosen all day and brush our teeth with beer. You know, just like all Americans voted for Рand all Texans pray to РG.W. Bush.

So let’s start with the building in my header. That’s the palace, castle or ‘Schloss’. It’s the main seat of M√ɬºnster’s University. Here’s some pics of the area around it (that I took while I made photographs of the Schloss for my first photo-job):



“For free education!” Word!
(THEY want to introduce tuition fees here, but the students don’t want them)

“Prevent soldier-marches!” Word up!

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