June 10, 2023

Week 2


This week started out with a Yankee’s game at none other than Yankee Stadium! My boss (Jon) gave me a pair of tickets because he is the fucking man 🙂 so lis and I went to the game.

But when we got to the stadium, there was a serious rain delay!
Rain Delay

After about an hour things cleared up.
Yankee Stadium

Lisard had a great time at her first major league baseball game ever!
Me and Lisard

And I sold watches in the stands….
Proletariat hoodie

After the baseball game, lis and I thought we would try something new…Middle Eastern deserts
Middle Eastern Treats
AND THEY TASTED LIKE GARBAGE. Maybe we just got a bad batch or maybe they are just not our thing, all I know is that they were not very desert like.
Later in the week we went out for drinks with our main girl CLAIRE! and her friend Amoon (probably spelled that wrong) in the Lower East Side. Thats right, there are cool places in New York outside of Brooklyn!
Lower East Side  2

Lower East Side

Then it was BBQ time in my backyard.

Tiki Torch


I ended my week with a trip to New Haven, Ct. to see my main man Nick Baxter for the final sitting to complete my sleeve.
New Haven

I was also fortunate enough to receive a Nick Baxter painting. Thanks again Nick 🙂 If you have not seen Mr. Baxter’s work please head to http://www.NickBaxter.com/tattoos/ to see his amazing tattoos and oil paintings.

More adventures of Joe and Lisard to come!

hail to the beast

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  1. hey i was wondering about that jacket joe has on with the watches in the inside, is that a proletariat product and how much is it?

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