February 5, 2023

Watch TV tonight

If there was ever a night where watching tv is mandatory, it is tonight. I know everyone is tired of politics; I have had many conversations about it in the store on a daily basis. I also know that I am preaching to the choir; you shop at Proletariat because you are an intelligent individual who wants a better USA. So it is up to you to get your uninformed friends to understand how all this election shit actually effects them. (speaking of, Etan & Stephanie are coming over to my crib tonight to watch the debate) Just kidding guys, you aren’t invited. Anyways, tonight is the Vice Presidential Debate. If you think this sounds boring, think of it this way. The USA is going down in flames right now and one of these two people will have a large part on deciding whether or not you are on welfare this time next year. Or if welfare will even exist. And if that doesn’t interest you, maybe you will have fun watching how completely ignorant people in power really are – it’s always fun/sad watching politicians stumble and answer a question with completely empty speech. Like this one. It upsets me that Katie Couric played a bimbo on the Today show for so many years; I look forward to the next month of her acting like an intelligent woman AND asking hard questions.

Next item of business. I found out today that I am not registered to vote! What the fuck? I was registered last election but since I moved I have to re-register. This is shit you need to find out now. So, I made a few phone calls and here is the info I found:

If you live in Cambridge and you think you have been registered before call the Election Commission at (617) 349-4361 and they will verify that everything is cool. If you aren’t registered and don’t want to go through the hassle of printing out forms online and mailing them in just go straight to the source.
Office Hours:
Cambridge Election Commission
51 Inman Street
First Floor
Cambridge,MA 02139
Phone: (617) 349-4361
Fax: (617) 349-4366
Monday:8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Tuesday to Thursday:8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday:8:30 a.m.-Noon
You don’t have to bring anything with you because you are signing a form that says under penalty of perjury you are who you say you are, so leave your McLovin id at home. You don’t have to bring a water bill or any shit like that either which is cool.
Now if you are living in Boston (Allston, DOT, Mission Hill, anywhere where you see Boston Police cruising around) then head down to city hall (the ugly brown prison at the Government Center stop on the green line), Room 241. They do typical government hours 8-5pm, but you can get it all done right there and have the peace of mind that you are ready to vote.
Finally, I will leave you with the latest political ad from Hollywood. A lot of people think actors should stay out of politics but I beg to differ. Here you have people, most of whom came from modest backgrounds and are big dreamers. Now they have everything in the world: money, power, fame, and yet for some odd reason most of them want to help those that are less fortunate. Most of them want to help the environment, and most of them promote peace. Now why is it that Hollywood is so different from the rich and famous in the business world who usually lean to the conservative side? Anyways, here’s the PSA—keep an eye on Jonas Hill, he’s a funny mofo.