February 3, 2023

Videos from the Underground

If there is one thing the customers at Proletariat are not short of it is creativity. Every week I get a few videos or photos or thesis’s sent to me updating me on what the restless youth are up to. Sometimes I end up finding one on my own though, and usually those are gems! Like this next clip. Magic Rob is like 12 years old and is easily more popular than many kids twice his age. He is a dope magician, only dates Italian supermodels, and collects vintage Sumo wrestling trading cards. He also makes hilarious videos. Check this one out!

Nick Welles is a student at BU and just wrote a big article on the state of graffiti in Boston. He interviewed local authorities as well as local artists to understand both sides of the story. This is a unique approach to journalism since most media sites slant their news to appease their viewers. Watch this vid. Props to Alter (H.A.) for having the balls to crush daylight on film!

Respect: Graffiti in Boston from Nick Welles on Vimeo.
Now for the photos. These were sent to the shop email and are anonymous.
And last but not least SNOR 24! SNOR if you are reading this-please don’t do this again. I know it is fucking off the hook, but I aint down to go to another friend’s funeral this year. Stay up, and keep your head down cuz the cops keep on swinging.

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