January 28, 2023

Video onslaught!

Last night Joe hooked us up with some tickets to the annual Heavy Rotation Records cd release show. This was like the awesomest talent show ever. It still had the feel of one of those horrendous high school talent shows, except the bands were all on point and a few of them will probably be huge. I took video of all the standouts, but my batteries died so I didn’t get to finish out the show. I think Joe got some video of the bands that played later on in the night, such as Honest Thomas. First off, we have my favorite local band The Peasantry.

Then came Annie Lynch and the Beekeepers. If you are into Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins or old Nashville country, check this band out.

Finally we had Christopher Barnes. His music is hard to describe. Awesome piano with a dark ominous sound. I dug it.

Anyways, I can easily see these three groups making it, and it’s nice to hear some artists trying to create something new as opposed to mimicking what’s on the tuner right now.

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