June 9, 2023

Updates. Music and Graff


Click here to see my friend’s band’s music video on Pitchfork TV. They are called The Deathset and I have posted a few things about them before. Now they have an official music video that is officially fucking rad. Look to the right bar after you click the link and click the video that says The Deathset – “Around the world”. You will enjoy it.

In other news, check out this months issue of BOMBIN MAGAZINE for an interview with FARO (ADHD).

A friend in Vermont also sent me this nice write up of FARO.

Speaking of art, I finally took a picture of the amazing Nick Baxter painting that is now hanging in my room thanks to Mr. B 🙂 The photos really do not do it justice but it will give you an idea of how rad this dudes art really is

More detailed image

Well….I think that is all the random shit I have to write about. Be sure to check out Nick’s art
More to come.

2 thoughts on “Updates. Music and Graff

  1. How you can wake up to this painting every morning and still be a vegetarian is beyond me. The steak is the perfect cut, thickness and has gorgeous marbling. Next time I visit, you are gonna wake up with a big steak sized hole in your painting and I will be in the yard trying to grill it.

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