March 23, 2023
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U.S. Army Anti-Riot testing lab – Out of Work Civillians paid to be beaten & shot

This article is a quick read that I believe everyone should have an opinion on. The United States Army is operating a test lab in New Jersey where out of work civillians are being paid $20 an hour to be abused. In one test the paid civillians are told to run a guantlet where they will be beaten by soldiers with batons. In another they push a button and have a high powered rubber bullet shot into their chest or stomach.

My question is this? Why is the U.S. Army doing these tests on AMERICANS? Why are they saying things like “We want to get into the brains of these people.” Isn’t the United States Army meant to protect American people? And if they say that all this research is actually to be used on the battlefield – is the battlefield at home or abroad? Because if it is abroad it seems like we should be paying those foreign people to take these tests. Not all humans are going to react in the same manner. Reactions are based on memory, desire, and most of all experience. You would think the United States Army would know that by now or else we would have won the Vietnam War after winning World War II, and then Iraq and Afghanistan would have been a cinch. But no, the United States Army isn’t doing these tests on Iraqi’s or Afghani’s (although I’m sure they are doing worse) they are doing these tests on Americans, and is it a coincidence that there have been a few years of protest and mass gatherings? Is it a coincidence that the United States Army is getting involved in what should only be a matter of local police? Does this worry you in the least bit?

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