June 9, 2023
News / WTF

U.K. Plans Mass Surveillance Program – Internet, Phone, Text, Snail Mail

I’d have to say Rupert Murdoch must be pretty pissed off about this one. British “authorities” have just announced a plan to log and capture every web visit, email, phone call or text in the United Kingdom. All the data will be kept for at least one year and much of the data will be logged in real time. The Home Office Secretary Theresa May had this quote for anyone who disagrees with the bill: “Unless you are a criminal, then you’ve nothing to worry about from this new law.” If that’s the case then let us see your fucking emails you stupid twat! How do we know you and your friends in power aren’t commiting crimes left and right? It’s only fair if you get to see my junk I get to see yours as well! And for those of you in the USA who think this is preposterous and scary…well, you should have listened to me back in January when I warned you of the plans already in place here in the United States to do the exact fucking same thing. Oh shit – kind of scary huh? Yep, so next time you scoff at a few crust punks yelling about the FED or Occupy, maybe you should cut the strings and join us.

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