January 28, 2023

Tonight. Art. @ Chorus Gallery

If you need something to do tonight, maybe a hot date? You need to look smart and sophisticated yet hip and urban? You take care of the showering, teeth brushing, maybe a little cologne. Take your pennies to the coinstar and I’ll see you over at Open Bicycle’s Chorus gallery tonight. The gallery is Matt W. Moore’s fine-tuned, self-proclaimed “Vectorfunk” style back to Mass with a well rounded body of work. Matt will be showing his signature canvas work, a small series of prints, as well as presenting a project in part with Open and Traitor Cycles – a series of five hand-painted frames, a cycling cap and t-shirt. Matt is in the middle of a global gallery takeover, you can see images from his last show in Sao Paulo, Brazil here and expect to see him cross the Atlantic for a show this fall. Opening Reception is TONIGHT! at 8pm.

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