June 4, 2023

Time Capsule

So, a week ago when I was down in NYC with Joe, I took a shitload of awesome photos and videos and through the magic of technology they all got erased. Well, the very next day I read somewhere about some freeware that can scan your camera’s memory card and sometimes find and restore lost photos. Anyways, I never got my NYC photos back, but I did get these gems of a fun night out with friends that I had completely forgotten about.
Justin was there teaching Kenji how to shoot the bird.

Then Justin decided to tell us all about his co-worker who earlier that day decided to shoot his hand…with a nail gun. If this kind of thing grosses you out, you might want to leave now.

Owen, a professional body piercer perused the photo while Kelly threatened to vomit.

I had to yell it out

And Justin reigned supreme yet another night

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