June 8, 2023

The World’s Richest Acre

After leaving Austin Leslie and I drove out to East Texas where a friend of ours owns a few mom and pop movie theaters. The one we visited, Four Star Cinema, is located in Kilgore, Texas, home of the world’s richest acre. In the 1930’s a man discovered oil on a 1.2 acre piece of land in downtown Kilgore. That man is now richer than God. The acre had so much oil beneath it that the original oil derricks were built in a criss-cross pattern to squeeze a few extra derricks on the small piece of land. They have recreated the area with steel derricks because the old wooden ones rotted away.


Unfortunately there isn’t much else going on in Kilgore because it was a boom town and there were a lot more booms that followed Kilgore. Some of the old theaters are just begging to be rejuvenated…

And the rest is history.

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