September 28, 2022

The Terrible Topaz!


So as many of you blog readers know, my car broke down on the way to New Jersey. The entire Thanksgiving break I woke up at 8am to fix the p.o.s. Finally it’s “fixed” and time to head back to Boston. About 2 hours into the trip (exit 13 on 84E CT) my car died on the side of the highway, AGAIN! Yeah. It was fucking cold and I sat there for two hours in the car until the ever amazing Lis drove down from Northern Massachusetts to come rescue me with a AAA card and her mom’s Benz.

The AAA guy was pretty rad this time and towed me to a Pep Boys up the road.

Picture 010

Picture 013

After dropping my car off and not particularly caring what happened to it, I enjoyed the ride to Lis’s house driving her mom’s Mercedes! Stay tuned as the saga will continue. My car was just “fixed” again. We’ll see….

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