June 8, 2023

The life of a working DJ

I just wanted to congratulate our friend Joe Bermudez on being chosen as the 20th best DJ in the United States by DJ Times Magazine! This is fucking huge! Let me put it in perspective for you. #21The Crystal Method. #28 Josh Wink. #32 Felix Da Housecat. #34 DJ Shadow. #39 DJ AM. #43 Grandmaster Flash. #52 Mix Master Mike. #53 Funk Master Flex. So as you can see this is awesome. I haven’t known Joe long, but I do know that he sure as hell didn’t tell me the arena he competes in and conquers. Anyways, I just wanted to point out another bad mofo reppin Boston and of course Proletariat.

Hilary Duff, Joe, Pro Floyd

Working some magic…

Joe and Austrailia’s Che’nelle.
You can read more about Joe Bermudez here.

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