February 5, 2023

the end of an era

After I end up dead from a self inflicted shotgun wound to the face or a mysterious overdose of sleeping pills and prescription drugs, someone will write a book about Proletariat and all the retarded shit that has happened over the years. And one chapter will be dedicated to Joe. If you have bought a Proletariat shirt in the past few years and it actually has a woven label in the neck, there is a 99.7% chance it was Joe who sewed it in. Joe is a master marketer and he marketed himself so well that I hired him to sew my tags for me…the only thing was Joe didn’t know how to sew. Well, like everything else he attempts, he learned the ropes quick and even taught me how to sew in the process, a feat that three seamstresses and my mother haven’t been able to accomplish. Now Joe is living in NYC and will be making a well known music marketing company a lot of cash…but he will continue to blog as long as he desires to. This weekend Leslie and I helped Joe and Lis move to NYC.

Here’s the 26 foot UHAUL we drove to NYC in. Driving a 26 foot UHAUL in Manhattan is like hunting rabbits with SCUD missiles. Let me try that again, I always sucked at analogies. Driving a 25 foot UHAUL is like playing Operation with salad tongs. HAha that’s better.

I don’t have any pictures for the next 24 hours because of the following.
A. We ran out of gas, hitchhiked to the nearest station, brought back the gas, it wasn’t enough so we hitchhiked again, were picked up in a truck by a guy and his girl who were professional? hula-hoopers and then we walked 5 miles back to the truck.
B. After illegally parking the truck in a lot in Jersey, locking the fence with a padlock, and then sleeping on concrete for the night, I forgot to take photos.
C. I got up early after a cat shit next to my head multiple times, helped Joe move all his belongings into his new place, and then we stood in UHAUL line hell for an hour before we ended up here…

Ahhhh, $6 dollar Coronas never tasted soooo good.

These are my friends Allison and Eric. She keeps the Rachael Ray show fresh for all your moms, and Eric works at Island/Def Jam and founded Ace Fu Records.
The next day Leslie and I walked around NYC on our way to catch the bus back and were surprised to find snow on the ground. I don’t think I have ever been to NYC and not seen some tv or movie being filmed. My friends in L.A. say the same shit, but it is just crazy to see how many shoots and sets there are. Here’s some snow (rock salt on top of foam.)

Another great thing about the city is that every small biz has a chance. If you want to rent out a spot, chances are someone owns it and will gladly help you out. Most people would have considered this to be dead space, maybe a storage closet at best, but this dude squeezes himself in there daily and seemed to sell a ton of shit.

I will leave you with this. Found in an alley near Supreme.

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