January 28, 2023

The Beer Summit?!!?

What the fuck is going on out there? I’ll be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to the Henry Louis Gates, Jr. racism scandal, but my buddy Ish showed me this video today about the “Beer Summit.” So first things first, I’m glad Obama doesn’t play into the media’s stupid ass names for stories. Have you ever noticed how when any story lasts longer than a day it has to have a catchy title and crazy graphics? Are forest fires the size of California really not exciting enough to learn about without a catchy title and a 4 second Flash animation? Anyways, I’m getting off subject, so yesterday the two Prez’s, the cop, and the P.H.D. got together for a brewski. Now, I’m not here to discuss the racism or bash the cops or any shit like that, what I don’t understand is how in such a monumentally retarded event these assholes can’t all drink an American made beer? Thank God Henry the PHD had a Sam Adams. Boston made, American made. I actually wrote a letter to Michelle Obama after the inaugaration because I thought it was a classy and bold move that she chose an American designer instead of all the old heavies in Paris and Milan. To me, change starts at home and if Obama is all about putting the USA on top, it needs to be on top of everything. American clothing, American food, American beer, American cigarettes (Obama smokes), American cars, etc. Anytime he is on tv and has a chance to use an American product, why not? Who cares if he likes Bud Light? They sold out to a foreign country just like all of our other manufacturers did a long time ago. Drink a Pabst or a Sam Adams or shit, or use this opportunity to give an American microbrew a chance for some spotlight. I’ll get off my soapbox now, this shit just pisses me off. Oh yeah, don’t be racist. And leave the lady alone who called the cops…she wasn’t racist, she was concerned about her neighbor-which is pretty rare these days.
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