February 3, 2023

Thatsthehookup! SXSW Guidebook

So most of you in bands have at least heard of SXSW (South By Southwest), the massive weeklong music industry circlejerk/awesome place to see & hear your favorite bands in one place. When I lived in Austin I used to go to shows everyday and it was fucking rad. See a huge dj, walk a block, hear some Texas country, walk a block, see an emo band crying, walk a block, you get the picture. Well, for my birthday my lovely wife took me down here so we could enjoy our old home without all the tourists. Now if you are going to SXSW you will have an awesome time and if you need a few tips pay close attention over the next few days.

Yesterday we flew in to Dallas and drove to Austin. We started our journey in Ennis, home to a geodesic dome colony. There’s one that looks like a caterpillar with legs drawn all over it, a bunch of soccer balls, and this one: that Starship Pegsus!

Next up we have one of my old favorite vintage shops: the Style Station. This place is somewhere between Dallas and Waco, remember David Koresh & the Branch Dividians? (you can use that as your name if you are starting a band…) and is wide open to the elements. Leslie and I actually spent an hour in there and we never saw the owner or a clerk or anyone-but they have an insane amount of cowboy gear-westerns, nudie suits, cowboy boots for days…

Cruising into Austin we saw an awesome vehicle for the local Tejano sports station. Way cooler than the rental Prius I had.

Finally reaching Austin after 14 hours of travel Leslie and I had to hit up Mount Bonnell for the sunset. Its a public park with beautiful limestone cliffs that look over some of the many mansions that line Lake Austin (and yes, if anyone cares it was me horking lugees over the edge.) If they were truly rich they would have a forcefield that repels lugees.

This is one of my favorites (if I ever become a coke dealer)

Mob Status!

Tomorrow we will discuss food. Like how a band can eat on a budget or how a label guy can spend his stipend.

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