February 9, 2023

Thatsthehookup! RND Longboards

A longtime customer/friend of mine, Andrew, came by the shop the other day to tell me about his newest venture. It’s called RND Longboards and now I finally know where all the paint he has bought ended up. He and his friend are custom fabricating longboards in their homemade press with plywood and fiberglass resin.
How fucking cool is that? While most of us are at home getting wasted and playing xbox, these dudes are building skates from scratch! ———————————–>
They have taken DIY literally, even making all their own forms, and Andrew does all the graphics custom, so each board is different. They will cut any shape, and can make any thickness you want. Now, I am sure you are thinking this shit has to be expensive but it isn’t. Blanks start at $50, and you can get a full custom deck for less than $100!
If you are interested in a custom deck or just want to see more of their work, hit them up at rndlongboards@yahoo.com. Or check out their facebook page.

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