June 9, 2023

Thatsthehookup! Netflix on the Xbox

For a while now I have noticed I have lost more and more friends to Netflix. For like $9 a month you can stream unlimited movies through your Xbox, and although they don’t have everything in the world, there’s some good shit. To kick off the hybrid of video games and movies I thought I would watch the King of Kong an awesome documentary about a mullet rocking restaurateur and a high-school teacher/Dad who go to Lake Winnepasaukee to battle in front of an un-interested crowd in a game of Donkey Kong. So-it looks like it will be awhile before you find me playing GTA at 4am. For those of you who have seen the flick, LONG LIVE STEVE WIEBE! YOU BRING A NEW HOPE TO THE WORLD STEVE, ONE THAT SHOWS THAT ALL OF US CAN DO GREAT THINGS…even if it is just beating Donkey Kong better than the last guy.

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