January 28, 2023

Thatsthehookup! KRINK x ALIFE Skate Decks at Proletariat

Greetings earthlings. In my time on this planet I have learned one thing. You can always count on your friends. So I was talking to my friend Joe when the KRINK X ALIFE deck came out and I was complaining that we couldn’t sell them at Proletariat. I figured this was one of those perfect items that sums up the shop but it was designed to only be sold at the Alife store in NYC. Joe agreed and told one of his graff friends FARO (ADHD). FARO agreed and told one of his graff friends, KR. KR is the owner of KRINK and he agreed so he called his boy D at Alife. D called me and sent me some decks. You will have your chance on Saturday to take home one of these highly collectable/highly skateable decks (made by Girl) for the same price as if you got it from Alife, $60. But don’t call me and try to work some deal before then, I know how y’all think-cuz I’d do the same! Thanks Joe, FARO, KR, and D.

Did I mention we are the ONLY store (besides Alife) in the world carrying these?
Krink x Alife x Girl Deck at Proletariat
More photos after the jump

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