May 29, 2023

That’sthehookup! Gifts from the Proles

I just wanted to say thanks to all my homies who have hooked me up with some free shit lately. Noir had his secretary send me a poster. I have to give it to this dude for doing all of his posters with stencils and paint-no print outs here!

The guys at Vanna sent over their latest album and some stickers, pick it up at your local. These dudes have repped the Proletariat since way back in the day….MORE AFTER THE JUMP

I also got this great zine from Marco DePaolis called Piles. He obviously put some work into it which I think is lacking in many zines today.

Anyways, thanks for all the gifts, they are always appreciated. If you want to send me some shit hit me up at Proletariat-36 JFK Street #2-27B-Cambridge, MA 02138. Peace!

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