May 29, 2023

Thatsthehookup! Blog Roundup

So you may or may not noticed that we have a list of our friends’ blogs on the side of ours—->
They aren’t there for show, they actually have good shit on them. So to make your life easier I have rounded up some of the more interesting posts from the past week and I’ll even give you links so you can check them for yourselves.
First up we have AOTG. If you want to see the future of graffiti and Nintendo this looks ILL!
Next our friend Evoker tells us about skateboards, skate life and EBAY!
Kenji Nakayama shows us why he gets paid to do art and we art.
A new edition to our blogroll is Master Pness, ESQ. and Head Haggler, CFO. These guys seperate the hype from the good shit from major blogs like Hypebeast and Highsnob. It’s always funny.
Not The Old New shows us how to lose your job, and your job, and oh yeah, your job too.
Finally, our little seamstress asks the question, are you scene?

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