February 3, 2023

Thank You Steve Sanders

Most of you are too young or cool to know this but Steve Sanders was the O.G. Cheeseball on Beverly Hills 90210. 90210 was like Dawson’s Creek before the O.C. before Gossip Girl. You know, soap operas for tweens. Anyways, Steve Sanders has always been my code name for salesmen, or restaurants, or cops when they ask my name. I didn’t even like Steve or really watch 90210 (that much) but the name just sticks in my head, so I use it. Well, the other day an ESL call center called me and asked if they could update my listing in the online yellow pages. I said yes, and then I told them my address, store hours, etc. Then I heard a click on the line and the person said they needed to transfer me to their boss for quality control. The boss asked me for my name and I got a little suspicious so I said it was Steve Sanders.

Fast forward to my Verizon bill and there is a $39.95 charge from some no-name company. Since the IRS just bent me over a Patriot missile I decided to call about the charge. Well, this person swore up and down that I had authorized the charge and after waiting 20 mins on hold I was very agitated. So, I asked for his manager. Well, the manager got on with a big attitude, spewed the same shit as the first guy and then said, “Sir, we know you authorized this charge because we have your name right here.” So I asked what the name was and she smartly said “Steve Sanders.” The charge has since been refunded.

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