February 4, 2023

Texas Day 4

So, I stayed in this seedy motel on the border of Mexico and had a shit night sleep. The room I stayed in was next to the motel owner’s private residence and all night long I was hearing some weird noises. I also had the instinctive feeling that I was being watched. You know that feeling when the hairs on the back of your neck stick up and the room feels a bit different and you start to see shadows and shit? YOU ARE A PUSSY! Just kidding, I had that bad. And the weird noises coming from the room with the door that said Private on it were not helping…but I woke up ok, and had no aches or pains in uncomfortable places so the day went on as planned. Found an abandoned theater and left a mark or two.
abandoned theater
This bush broke through the window and looked nice.
I then went to a Federal Prison and an oil refinery to take some photos for Kenji. A massive cowboy got out of an equally huge truck and in the nicest way possible called me a dipshit and escorted me off the prison grounds. I figured it could be a lot worse; I could have been escorted inside. But Johnny Law missed this one…
prison in texas
Then 20 miles later the fuzz rolled on me here.
And that was my cue to get the F back to Boston. Luckily I had this tow truck driver as an escort…who thought his truck was the Ferrari.
my escort

5 thoughts on “Texas Day 4

  1. nah yo, it says money power. let’s just say I took a shit in the corner and it was the illest piece in the whole place.

  2. I’ll have to take this trip, cool pics, still finding my way around my new adopted state.


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