February 3, 2023

Texas Day 3

Day 3 involved even more exploring. San Antonio has a serious graff scene. I don’t know why East Coasters find that crazy…you have endless miles to paint, freights all day, year round warm weather, and a large Hispanic influence. All this adds up to some amazing hand-styles and bright ass colors.
san antonio graffiti
my bedroom
While cruising through SA I found God.
this is GOD
Having enough with the Final Four bonanza, I headed even further south towards Mexico. There are a bunch of forgotten towns on the way, one of which I frequent often.
taco stand
These places are very eerie because when you go inside the places are full. As if they left in a hurry and could only take one or two boxes. One place I went inside was an old bank, and the floor was covered in old bank checks from the 40’s. Then there was this school, which I found out a bit late that it had been closed for asbestos.
abandoned school
There was some ill stuff inside…but I heard and saw some unexplainable shit and being alone, I had to jet.
old school

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