February 1, 2023

Texas Day 2

So my second day in Texas started with a trip to College Station, where I started my first shop. College Station is a small CONSERVATIVE town, about 2 hours from nowhere. I haven’t been back since I moved to Boston so it was time for a trip.
On the way I saw the newest pet craze to hit the south!

I decided to start the visit by checking out my old house. Real estate in most of Texas is dirt cheap because you aren’t paying shit for the land, so you get to sink most of your cash into the bricks. This place cost less than $400k!

Here’s my old place. I shared it with 4 friends at the enormous price of $250 a month, each. That’s a 5 bedroom, 3000 sq foot, 3 living room, 2 car garage on the 6th hole of a golf course with a sauna for $1250 total a month.

This is the yard that I first discovered graffiti. You could grab a six pack, sit in the back of your truck, and watch trains roll in all day with no problems from the fuzz. I’ll visit it every time I go back.

All the bars in town dump their bottle caps in this alley, ironically named…bottle cap alley. Not a place you want to run barefoot.

After the trip down memory lane, I drove further south through San Antonio. No one told me the Final Four was happening.
final four
It was really interesting seeing the city trying to put their best face forward. I found it very ironic that everyone was talking shit about China, and how they are rounding up people and running them out of town (which I think is wrong) and no one was talking about the fact that SAPD was doing the same shit with the homeless. I was in the worst part of San Antonio, the same place that the Final Four game was happening and only saw one crackhead, and he was being thrown into a paddy wagon. Interesting since every other time I have been to SA I have seen countless homeless, addicts, and stray dogs roaming the streets and you never see any cops. Fucking hypocrites.
As if this dude living under a bridge was hurting anyone…

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  1. these donkeys are REGISTERED!

    as are the peeps hiding under the floor boards of the truck.

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