February 3, 2023

Texas Day 1

I’m in Texas right now collecting extreme amounts of vintage for the Spring season. Right now I have the entire trunk and backseat of a Nissan Altima full of small and medium vintage tees (around 500 pieces), and at least 100 western shirts. This is one of the best shipments I have ever had and it should start arriving at the shop tomorrow. I would say the theme of this shipment would be Summer Lovin’. There are a shitload of awesome 90’s style tees with neon colors and weird geometric patterns, and when you combine that with the 101 degree temps down here, I am ready to fast-forward to July.

So my first day in Texas was spent in Dallas with my parents. With every new subdivision comes more awesome skate spots. We never had any skate parks when I was a kid, but we had a ton of these drainage ditches, and with a couple bags of quickcrete it becomes Dogtown.

My hometown of Arlington, Texas, is the new owner of Texas Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys. This place is HUGE! And it looks even bigger because Texas is as flat as your 7th grade girlfriend. ZING!

On the way home I got to see this rink dink strip mall, with it’s biggest tenant being the Anger Management club. Notice all the SUV’s…coincidence?

Later on I promised my pop that I would help clean the pool. It’s funny, this is my first time in my life to clean a pool, because when I was a kid we couldn’t afford one. I remember on 100+ degree days my sister and I would grab a couple garbage bags, duct tape them to our patio and stand inside them with a garden hose to create a vertical pool-like structure. Talk about white trash! So the kids move out of the house and the parents get a pool…talk about bad luck…

6 thoughts on “Texas Day 1

  1. proletariat 1: the laboring class; especially : the class of industrial workers who lack their own means of production and hence sell their labor to live.

    DAMN his parents for working hard, raising their social status and retiring well! They should of totally just been revolutionaries like Cle-“Che”!

  2. NO they should be like Che!

    “Che Guevara served in many prominent governmental positions, including President of the NATIONAL BANK and √¢‚Ǩ≈ìsupreme prosecutor√¢‚Ǩ¬ù over the revolutionary tribunals and executions of suspected war criminals.”


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