June 10, 2023

SXSW Guidebook Food Edition

If I eat one more damn thing I’m gonna explode. Texas is like Willy Wonka’s house for the morbidly obese. It’s like having an American Apparel employee party in Bogata, Columbia. I haven’t been hungry in 2 days yet I have eaten more food than Thanksgiving+Christmas+the Superbowl. So if you are a starving artist and your label didn’t pay for you to go to SXSW and you are couch surfing and have no idea how you will eat all week your first stop should be Central Market. Central Market is the dopest grocery stre in the Universe. Yeah, I said it. Sorry Trader Joe’s and Whole Food’s this place has y’all beat hands down. Just look at this produce section!

And that was literally maybe 1/4th of it. They also have the most impressive butcher shop with homemade sausages, fresh 4 inch thick steaks, and anything else a carnivore can dream of.

Sounds expensive right? Nope. But better than that, there is a whole meal’s worth of free samples ready for the taking. Within the first 10 feet I had a free side of marinated asparagus, half a juicy orange, and a few chunks of fresh cantaloupe. By the end of our shopping I had jelly on toast, 3 kinds of goat cheese and crackers, 2 kinds of bread, some olives, and some juice. I was literally full.
When in Central Market you have to buy a Dublin Dr. Pepper. What is that? Well, you can only buy it in Texas and it is Dr. Pepper made from real cane sugar not high-fructose corn syrup. YUM YUM! Just like the olden days.

Tomorrow we will discuss a few options for adult beverages. This city is definitely starting to fill up now. It’s about time to get me the hell out!

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