June 10, 2023


Sorry to get all political on our readers but I think it is fucking insane that the National Pork Board (seriously, what is with that name?) is trying to convince America that the industry had nothing to do with this “outbreak” and it is totally fine to consume pork when this entire situation stems from lack of oversight from the industry as a whole on how their animals are treated and how their animal waste is managed. Check this article out before leaving a comment saying that I am full of shit. The idea of changing the name of swine flu to the “North American Flu” in an attempt to maintain pork sales makes me sick. It is fine if you eat meat, raise meat, do what you want, this is America but don’t try to treat Americans (and the rest of the world) like they are fucking idiots and take responsibility for your industries actions. If the virus came from pigs then Swine Flu seems like a suitable name. Don’t try to cover up the facts. Stop thinking about your shareholders and think about the people that your poor farming practices are now negatively effecting. ” “The livestock sector is… the largest sectoral source of water pollution, contributing to eutrophication, ‘dead’ zones in coastal areas, degradation of coral reefs, human health problems, emergence of antibiotic resistance and many others.” If you care to find out other ways the meat industry is ruining the world then click here.

Quotes from the industry
“This disease is transmitted from human to human and, as far as we know right now, it does not involve pigs, livestock or pets,” stated Dr. Ron DeHaven, CEO of the AVMA. [Medai Post]

“I can assure you that consuming pork products is safe, and that Smithfield’s brands, in particular, still stand for the highest quality,” Smithfield president and CEO C. Larry Pope reassured his employees in a letter. [Medai Post]

I would like to know what our readers think, it is okay if your opinion differs from mine. I apologize if this post seems a bit preachy, not my intention. Let’s start a conversation.

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