February 8, 2023

Sunny days, nothin’ to do…


With the last exam done and no more travels coming up, I’m looking forward to about one and a half month of virtually nothing to do before uni starts in fall. Really, nothing.
That leaves loads of time for blogging, if only I wasn’t so lazy…

It’s awesome weather over here, so at least you can relax in the sun, like these caterpillars we found on someone’s balcony.
(I am hereby continuing Kenji’s effort to make this an insect blog 😉 )



I’m not sure whether the latter actually is a caterpillar, so any zoologists reading this, please speak up. (But the botanists please keep quiet!)

The fat green caterpillar was just joined by spiderpig’s sister’s second cousin in law:
(I wonder how many google hits this blog is gonna get, just because I wrote spiderpig… numbers, kerry?)

Now I’m waiting for them to meet and fight!
(or cuddle, whatever they wanna do…)

…I guess you can really tell that I got nothing to do…

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