February 3, 2023

Sunday Bundy Funday!

Started off this great day with a dream that I woke up at 10 a.m. and it was 10 a.m. Crazy huh? So, with all that extra time I decided to start the day off right with a honey-fluffernutter. What is that you may ask? Marshmallow fluff, honey, bananas, and peanut butter on some delicious toast. This shit is awesome and disgusting at the same time.

Got some new decks in from 4-Wheel War Pony. This is a startup skate company created by Dustinn Craig, a White Mountain Apache living in Boston, who is creating solid products and flowing boards back to his team on the reservation in Arizona. Keep an eye out for upcoming work from Dustinn who may or may not be working on a skate related documentary…

Finally, we got a visit from Flipside, local hip-hop artist and Hater’s Magazine producer.

Love the date posted on the picture. Now that’s old school!

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