June 10, 2023

Store Updates

A few things new in the shop this week. First up we got a ton of new KRINK products in. We have every color of these bad boys including blue except for brown.

Hopefully that was confusing enough for you.
Next up, the new issue of R.U.N.-Boston’s Official Graffiti Zine is almost complete. The new issue is twice the size of the last one and features flicks from Boston, Somerville, and Providence as well as a ton of flicks from the readers. There is also an interview with TOMB and PATS so it sounds like a real solid new issue. Instead of putting ads into the Zine, R.U.N. is selling 2″x2″ squares in the zine for just $5. You can do whatever you want in this square. Your tag, shouts to your crew, tell someone how shitty they really are, advertise your myspace, paste a photo of your girlfriend who is blowing your brother, RUN doesn’t care-the square is yours. Did I mention this zine is now going to be sold nationwide through ARTPRIMO and all of their accounts? Not bad for $5. This will only be in the shop for a week so come quick if you are interested.

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