February 1, 2023

South Congress Part 2

South Congress is a very unique area and it just keeps getting better. Another popular street in Austin called Guadalupe used to be a great spot to chill and shop-but like most cool areas the banks and chains move in and kick out all the little guys. Even my favorite 24 hour arcade Einstein’s recdently had to leave. R.I.P. Ok, back to South Congress. Want a delicious cupcake? Check out Hey Cupcake a bakery built into an old Airstream trailer.

Then head over to the Avenue, an old school barbershop experience. (sorry ladies-you aren’t welcome here)

Got a sweet tooth? Next door is the Big Top Candy Shop a real live soda fountain where you can get a delicious vanilla coke and some pop rocks.

Now can you see why most of Texas is obese? My metabolism deserves props for keeping my skeletal figure because I eat like a mofo when I am in town.
Back to shopping. Don’t go into Uncommon Objects if you are trying not to spend money. I have never made it out of here without spending cash. The shop is full of weird forgotten items from the past-old magazines, signs, medical records, lighters, books, photos, pinup girls, etc.

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