June 8, 2023

Side Project City

I like to expose people as much as possible. Here’s my side project blog for shit that kind of pertains to Proletariat but not really.

5 thoughts on “Side Project City

  1. the comments on that new blog don’t work for me, so I’m posting a reply to the post about Wal-Mart right here:
    >>that’s an F-ring ridiculously oversimplified statement, “Save money. Live Better”
    Recently in Germany the milk-farmers went on strike and demanded more money, and people were on the barricades about the rising prices. Why is it that no matter how much oil costs we still fill up our car, but when it comes to something that we and our children have every day, we think it’s outrageous to pay a few cents more per liter?!

  2. it was a good point but not as good as guys cock springer’s point or adult itunes cartoon composer’s rebuttal.

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