February 3, 2023

Shows are Not Concerts, and Concerts are Not Shows.

This is from our friend Keaton’s blog The Snarky Scenester. I found it quite informative.


If there is one thing I leared very quickly upon my arrival into “the scene” it is the difference between a “concert” and a “show” and the people who use each term. Now I know it may seem like im making mountains out of molehills, but lets be serious; there is nothing that makes me cringe more than hearing someone say “like omg im going to the Hey Monday concert at the VFW next week! im sew exciteddd!!!”

What is a concert?

A concert is a show that takes place in an arena. A concert is a show that costs $50+ for shitty seats but you have to go because its fucking Blink 182. Beyonce has concerts. The Jonas Brothers have concerts. Nickelback has concerts.


Your favorite FBR signee has SHOWS.

What is a show?


A show is a musical performance that generally takes place at a General Admission venue. Scenesters go to shows…lyke every day evurrr. gotta see ATL and BLG dis w33k.

Why am I making such a big deal about it?

Because those of you that call little shows at VFWs and halls and clubs “concerts” automatically make yourselves sound like a n00b. I dont say n00b often, but in this case it absolutely applies. When you talk about seeing The Scene Aesthetic at a 300 cap venue its not a concert. There were no lights, there was no incredible production reminscing of the Britney Spears Circus tour, there probably wasn’t even a backdrop! By calling it a concert you automatically sound like you know nothing about “the scene” and the majority of people you wish you were friends with will immediately classify you as a fangirl.

It may sound petty and stupid, but its the truth. So, do yourself a favor, put on some big girl panties, try and act like you’re not still in high school, and start referring to shows as shows. Not just for my listening pleasure, but for your own sake.

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