February 3, 2023

Shop updates, Danny Baxter Interview

I got what is left of the denim and put it on the floor the other day, and was honestly surprised at what little we have left. We are completely sold out of size 34/34 in black and indigo. We only have 6 pairs of 34/32 left in black, and 6 pairs of indigo left in 32/34. The rest are for the uber-skinny peeps rocking the 30’s and 28’s. The homeless coat drive went really well; we collected 21 winter coats, and 7 miscellaneous sweats, and most of them have been distributed already. If you still want to get a discount on the 378’s or the Canorak bring by a coat and we will hook you up.

Here’s a flick of the vintage flannels that came in this week. We will be receiving about 50 more next week too in case you miss out on these.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to continue on with our interview series at the store. I’d like to keep this up in 2009 since everyone who shops here is unique and is usually doing something really creative or cool. This interview is with Danny Baxter, a young filmmaker interested in music and music videos.
Here’s the first video:
And the second, a remix of the first.

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