February 5, 2023

Shoki got served!

First of all the winning the Phoenix or Dig “Best of” is always an entertaining experience. I remember after Proletariat won both of them, we got a constant stream of bro-dudes and soccer moms who were just so excited to check out Boston’s Best T-shirt Designs or Boston’s Best Vintage Clothing. Of course, the bro-dudes found out the hard way that we don’t make shirts about Teddy Brewski pounding a brewski, and the soccer mom’s didn’t make it past our music selection, and all was back to normal, which was a lot more comfortable for me. As for Etan, Die Young, and Red Foxx, I would like them to be able to put the award down on their resume, maybe it would help in contract negotiations, but the last thing I want to see is a bunch of shiny shirts drinking Irish Car Bombs next to me at the bar. I digress…

Yesterday, we got some KRINK restocks in…

But the best part of the night was about an hour after we closed. I was cleaning up behind the counter, Lis was trying shit on, Joe was M.I.A., and our young friend Shoki was chilling out. I have known Shoki since his voice was high and his self-esteem was low. Now he is all grown up and has a job at the Tannery, so of course he thinks he is the man. We let him believe that because he is fun to mentally abuse. Anyways, Shoki and I were chatting when Joe yelled from behind Hey Yogi! Think fast! Shoki did a quick spin move just in time to catch this…

A 98.6 degrees fahrenheit Poland Spring bottle of Joe’s fluid waste, aka urine, aka piss. Shoki actually held it in his hand for about 5 seconds wondering what this present was and you could literally watch the synapses firing in his brain yelling PISS PISS PISS! Or maybe that was Joe and Lis and I yelling, I don’t know. Anyways, shit was hilarious.

6 thoughts on “Shoki got served!

  1. the tannery has enough piss in there . you should’ve used theirs .
    think im kidding …check around the old closets. someone used to piss in bottles and stash it all over the place .. was it you joe ?

  2. Every Tuesday during closing I take a trip to the tannery to piss in the closets. You caught me.

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