June 10, 2023

Shit’s Wack! Creepy photo dolls!

My older sister’s birthday is coming up next week and my awesome gradmother wanted her to have something special.

Yup, it is a doll with a printed photo face on it from when my sis was a kid. HOW FUCKING CREEPY IS THAT!?!?! It doesn’t help that the doll is dressed in some gear from the Salem Witch trials. My brother-in-law can’t sleep at night because he is afraid the doll will come to life and kill him to get closer to my sister. I will be visiting my sis in the near future and I am already a little anxious myself. I hate dolls, especially life-like ones and I have a tendancy to talk to the dolls and tell them that if they try anything I will kill them. I also find myself flicking them off when I enter a room just so they know who’s boss. The other wird thing is I googled this monster and I couldn’t find a website where you can buy them which brings me to something even scarier-my grandma is better at the internet then me.

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