June 4, 2023

Shit’s Wack! 2009 World Taxidermy Championship

Taxidermy is fucking weird. You couldn’t take a photo? You really need a fish completely soaked in plastic hanging above your lineoleum fireplace in your double-wide to prove to your friend that you caught a 15 pound fish who was probably about to die because he was so fat and old and he accidentally swam into your hook? Look, I have a cousin by marriage who spent countless thousands of dollars hunting in Africa killing animals that were grazing peacefully, and then he spent thousands of other dollars bribing local officials so he could ship these illegal carcasses back to the USA to get filled with marble eyes and formaldehyde, so he could put them in his gameroom and then yell at his kids when they got to close to them. Let me also tell you this, a giraffe is one of the most interesting creatures I have ever seen in real life, but a giraffe’s neck cut off at the base sitting next to a ratty old pool table is completely fucked up. It also isn’t in any country considered good interior design.
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That being said, I think you see my stance on Taxidermy. And I am not some militant vegan, I love eating meat, but I respect my dinner enough to not decapitate it and stare at it for eons from my barcalounger. That being said, the World Taxidermy Championship just took place in Missouri and something tells me that if you told these ‘necks how fucking ignorant they are you might end up in the 2010 Championship.
what a fucking waste….

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