June 8, 2023

Shepard Fairey at the Good Life, Coraline Dunks

My man Peter over at the Good Life handed me this envelope yesterday.

His friend Josh over at A19 Creative designed the invitation which included a wax sealed O for Obey.

Anyways, this is for a private party he is throwing where Shepard Fairey himself will be the headlining dj. I wish I had more invites to give away-but I will be sure to take photos and report back to you.
Now you might be noticing that I took this with a fisheye lens and there is a good story behind that. You might remember the Coraline dunks that I had on the blog a few days ago. Well, not giving two shits about sneakers I put them up on eBay right away. I sold them to a dude for $1,000USD, and of course he quickly refused to pay for them. I thought this sucked because I was going to buy 1000 Clark bars and get stupid fat on eating them and this shit ruined that for me, so I decided I was going to burn them and video tape it. Well, yesterday, this crew of dudes from Lowell came through and were eye-humping my shoes. They asked if they were for sale and I told them no, I planned on burning them that night. This upset them, and I said the only thing that would save the kicks was a Canon G9 camera. (I have wanted one of these for about 6 months and was gonna buy it in March) Well, this kid Brian pulled a G9 out of his hoody. I was really shocked because it is an older model camera and what are the odds? Then his boy sold him out and said “Are you gonna give him your fish-eye too?” Long story short-I got a camera, he got the dunks. I’m happy he’s happy. The funny shit is I had a bid on ebay afterwards for $1200 + a Nikon D40 so if you have the kicks, get them online ASAP.

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