March 21, 2023

Shaun White (Face)Booked

Shaun White was arrested this weekend for pulling a hotel fire alarm, public intoxication and assaulting a guest of the hotel.  More on that story here:


Today, Shaun offered an apology to his Facebook fans saying, “I want to apologize for the unwise choices I made over the weekend and for any inconvenience it caused my family, friends, business partners, the hotel and their guests. I was celebrating a happy occasion with a ton of family and friends and got carried away. I’m truly sorry for my poor behavior.”

After reading his apology on Facebook, I started to scroll down and check out some of the 2,600 comments on his apology.  Most of the comments were very supportive of Shaun, and rightfully so, but there were quite a few more that were confusing, entertaining and hilarious.  Below, you’ll find a curated list of some of my favorite Facebook comments on Shaun White’s apology:






YOLO and Yo-Yo confusion:




Spelled Shaun incorrectly, so wat?:




So excited, he confused “you’re” with “your”:




I call it ginger fever:




Genuine concern:




Movie references:






Some hate:






Generic YOLO comment:




Recreational drug advice:




Baby strangle:




The Truth:



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