February 9, 2023

Selling Out!

This is a sad moment for all size 10’s, 11.5’s, 12’s, and 12.5’s. This unfortunately includes me who would have gladly squeezed into anywhere from a 11.5 to a 12.5 to rep my favorite artist’s kicks. For those of you who don’t know Kenji Nakayama, a.k.a. the only Japanese guy at Proletariat and the master of all the stencils hanging in the store (and my crib), created the 9th pair in the Project Red series for Converse. They are selling out fast, and I bet if you wear them into the shop he will be happy to do a 15 layer stencil on top of the kicks free of charge. Just kidding Kenji, who does 15 layer stencils anymore? That is sooooo easy. Anyways, this might be your last chance to own anything from Kenji seeing that he has a show in Hollywood right now and one in Australia in a few months.

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