February 3, 2023

Sculpture Shock


You’ve read about the Sculpture Projects 07 here in M√ɬºnster?
Want to know more? Read on.

(as usual, click the pics to see larger versions)

This scultpure, a flower made from surfboards, stands on the Prinzipalmarkt, a main shopping street in the old city center. It uses data from the weather, M√ɬºnster’s phonebooks (so any citizen’s name can appear) and, I believe, the noise of the people standing in front of it, to generate a random story. A friend of mine noticed that these storys tend to end with death.

This one might be nice to look at,…

… but you’re meant to duck and walk through the grasses rustling in the wind.

These cages, standing in front of the public library, are actually a copy of …

… the ones hanging on this church.

In the originals, they displayed the turtored Anabaptists who seized power in Münster in the 1930s.


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