May 28, 2023



End of last week I got family visiting me in Münster. This summer there is a town-wide sculpture exhibtion going on, one that only takes place every 10(!) years. Some of it is old, some new, some crap, some nice.
So I took my visitors around town on a sculpture-tour, and here’s the pics:

This one’s ten or twenty years old and is located in the palace/castle-gardens.
‘Octagon for M√ɬºnster’

That thing on the left is a liquid manure wagon, that is sucking in the water from the Aasee and spraying it back in with a chemical that fights the ‘algae-plague’. The irony is that the agricultural waste dumped into the river Aa is causing the algea-plague in the first place. (See below for the story behind the swan)

This black swan, named Petra, made it to some ‘fame’ in M√ɬºnster and even on national ‘news’-shows, because it fell in love with a pedal boat that looks like big white swan…

The ‘Word-Antenna’ (if you lie down below it, you can read a poem or something… -_-)

Another sculpture, a church tower pretending to be excavated.

The Sculpt(o)ur(e)ist watching the fake excavation.

Another fake, a whole fake construction site for a fake spa to be built.

One of my favourites: A miniaturized collection of most of the sculptures from the decennial sculpture-projects, past and present.

Thanks for enjoying/enduring the ‘art’, hope to get back to you with some less culural posts soon…

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