February 5, 2023

Sayonara Oh Chin Chin

So our favorite import, Kenji-san, has taken off for a while back to his home, Japan. We couldn’t let him leave however, without the proper good-bye: Saki, Coors light, and quesadillas. I’m glad I won’t be sitting next to him for 18 hours on a plane, that’s for sure.

After a few adult beverages we went outside and tried out my new Powell-Peralta with the mandatory tail devil. The tail devil is a toy for children that allows your board to spark when you drop the tail. Mad fun!

Then everyone tried to kickflip, and by everyone I mean Mitchtastic.

Get ready, Kenji has promised many blogs from Tokyo that will involve hottie japanese chicks, karaoke, blowfish sushi, and of course, lots and lots of vending machines.

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