September 25, 2022

Saturday Nov. 29th Proletariat Denim/Graff Jacket Release (free beer)

On Saturday November 29th PROLETARIAT will release our first ever line of premium denim as well as our first signiture winter writers’ jacket between the hours of 12:00 Noon and 8:00 PM. The event will be sponsored by Red Bull and Pabst Blue Ribbon (21 + to drink). There will also be exclusive PROLETARIAT give-aways with denim and jacket purchases. Expect a line, get there early, and be prepared to drink, I mean shop!

Click here to read Kerry’s inspiration and explanation behind these premium new garments.

“A few years ago I made the change from Levi√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s to designer jeans. I have always been a man who wears one pair of jeans until they fall apart and then I buy another pair. Unfortunately, Levi√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s stopped making a quality product. I noticed that a pair of $69 jeans only looked good for a month, and after two months change was falling through the pockets and the crotch was showing brain. So, I started buying jeans that cost $120-$200. This of course made me sick to my stomach, but due to higher quality denim and stitching, they looked great for a year of daily wear. So in the long run, not only did they fit better, but they actually saved me money.
What I decided I needed to do was to merge the low price point with the high quality materials. I thought this was going to be an impossible goal, because we are all taught that you can’t get a quality product without paying top dollar for it. But what we forget is that companies know this, so they raise prices knowing that people will assume that their money is spent on their product and not on their fancy stores, fancy bags, and pretentious staff. In the end I realized I could make a superior product in terms of material, stitching, fit, and durability and offer it to you at half the price of major designers and still pay the bills.
Now, let me introduce you to a year of planning, design, and testing. The Proletariat 378’s. These jeans were designed to wear with you. I chose the highest quality 14 oz RAW denim in two tones, indigo blue and jet black. This denim is strong enough to skate (and fall) in, and it holds its shape so you can change shirts and go out for the night looking clean. RAW denim is unwashed, untreated denim which is designed to wear with you and your lifestyle. What this means is no pair of jeans will end up looking the same. For instance, I carry a metal wallet in my front pocket and my keys rub up against my back right pocket, and these two things leave nice wear marks in their wake while the rest of the jeans fade slowly and naturally. Besides its durability, one of the awesome things about this RAW denim is, it will reflect your personality and will definitely become your favorite pair of jeans.
I worked beside a wonderful denim designer to create a totally new fit. It’s a fitted straight leg, not too skinny, and not too baggy offering enough room for comfort and movement, but still clean and smart. The denim consultant has had over 20 years in the business recently designing for Obey and RVCA and now Proletariat. I added a few special details like a lighter pocket specifically for Zippos, and some internal printing that you will have to wait and see. I also removed all back pocketing details and kept the jeans looking minimal since so many brands went a little overboard in the past few years *cough* True Religion/Evisu/Streetwear. Also, this particular jean is limited to 100/Blue and 100/Black worldwide. They come in 28W/32L, 30W/32L, 32W/34L, and 34W/34L and are hem to fit.
I am very excited about this project as it has always been my goal to create designer pieces at proletarian prices.


As you know, there are many problems with being a writer: constant harassment from the cops, cold winter nights, cans freezing up, trying to carry a backpack – the list goes on. Everyone has their methods for trying to take care of these, and many other issues, but when the opportunity arrived and I had the chance to make a difference I went for it. This is why I designed the Canorak. What the hell is that you may ask? Well, Cans+Anorak=Canorak.
After drawing, sewing, and testing many prototypes, I finally came up with one product that will help solve a few of these problems. First of all, this jacket is made of military grade water-resistant canvas and fully lined with 4oz. acrylic diamond-quilting. What this equals is a very warm, yet light-weight winter jacket.
Besides warmth, I wanted to make sure this jacket would be incognito and without any outer markings that could be easily recognized. This is why the outside, inside, and all printing is done in black. Also, I designed the neck opening of the jacket to ride low or high enough to cover your mouth keeping you warm and further disguising your face.
Now for the storage. The front of the jacket has a large zippered chest pocket good for markers, caps or your iPod. Down below is a typical kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm. On each side, I left an opening in the seam that will easily fit a pocket can, KRINK mop, or a handful of markers. Moving around to the back, I added a large back pocket that is easily accessible from the side so you can store stencils, a blackbook, extra cans, or whatever else you need. Finally, on the inside, there are two can holsters that are designed to hide full size paint cans, where they will be warm throughout the nasty winter months.

I only made 200 Canoraks with sizes from small to 2XL. If you are a small or 2XL make sure you get one quick because there are very few in those sizes. The store will open from noon-8pm and we will have refreshments from Red Bull and Pabst (must be 21). Stay tuned for some teaser photos as well as more info this week. Thanks again for YOUR support and inspiration.”


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