December 5, 2022

Saturday Night Jam


Last night I stayed with some friends of mine, who have this music-project going on (you might have seen them before on this blog).
So I got some free live music, plus the bring-your-own-beer was cheaper than in any club! 🙂
This is the second guitarist.

This is the guitarist and singer.

Their music is actually poppier than most of the stuff I normally listen to, but its good!
I also made some videos, showing raw versions of their songs first day of winter, trippin’ and 2 days ’till freedom.

(apperently the audio on the videos doesn’t match the picture… google-video must’ve fucked something up during the upload, so sry about that)

They also had a name, put apperently microsoft has a patent on it. You bastards!

Hidden Track

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